Visiting Gunthorp Farms

We’re count­ing the days until Greg Gun­thorp from Gun­thorp Farms brings one of his hogs to our Pig Roast Tacos and Tiki par­ty on June 24! Not only because we’re eager to sink our teeth into some of the best pork around, but because we want to return the favor of host­ing.

Just a short while ago, Greg gave our staff a tour of their amaz­ing farm and pro­cess­ing plant in LaGrange, IN. Take the vir­tu­al tour here, but be sure to intro­duce your­self to Greg at the par­ty to learn more about his mind­ful farm­ing prac­tices.

A vis­it to Gun­thorp Farms is a real treat! You have to trav­el far into rur­al Indi­ana to get there, pass­ing through a typ­i­cal Mid­west­ern land­scape of end­less corn and soy fields. After which, the Gunthorp’s ver­dant, 140-acre farm teem­ing with pas­tured pigs, chick­ens and turkeys is a wel­come change of scenery. 

A lot of care has gone into build­ing this scenic farm. Greg is a fourth-gen­er­a­tion fam­i­ly farmer. In 1994 he bought his parent’s farm, which had been passed down from his grand­fa­ther and great grand­fa­ther. He has striv­en to make the farm as green as pos­si­ble, con­struct­ing arti­fi­cial wet­land that’s capa­ble of reclaim­ing and clean­ing one mil­lion gal­lons of waste­water from his pro­cess­ing plant before return­ing it to the water table. His mis­sion? To raise his live­stock in a way that ensures the high­est qual­i­ty meat while pre­serv­ing the land.

Greg’s com­mit­ment to qual­i­ty meat means rais­ing his ani­mals on pas­ture, instead of indoors like a lot of mod­ern farm­ers. Although the process takes near­ly twice as long, he feels keep­ing the ani­mals free and relaxed is the right thing to do. He uses a vari­ety of cov­er crops, clover, Ken­tucky blue­grass and orchard grass to bol­ster bio­di­ver­si­ty. Then he rotates his ani­mals between pas­tures to max­i­mize their nutri­tion­al intake while pre­serv­ing the land. He nev­er sup­ple­ments with hor­mones or genet­i­cal­ly mod­i­fied grains. He plant­ed mul­ber­ry trees and built portable huts to pro­vide shade and shel­ter for his ani­mals.

Greg believes that humane har­vest­ing of his live­stock is just as impor­tant as rais­ing them right. So, he con­vert­ed his garage into a slaugh­ter­house and built his own pro­cess­ing plant. From grow­ing feed and rais­ing ani­mals to butcher­ing and pro­cess­ing meat – every­thing is done right there on the farm.

It’s no secret that Greg’s sus­tain­able farm­ing prac­tices result in qual­i­ty meat. Char­lie Trotter’s was one of the first restau­rants to start offer­ing it on their menu. Now you can find his pork, chick­en and turkey at numer­ous restau­rants and mar­kets through­out Chica­go and the greater Mid­west.

We look for­ward to cel­e­brat­ing these sorts of farm­ing prac­tices and enjoy­ing this deli­cious pork with you at our Pig Roast Tacos and Tiki 2 Year Anniver­sary Par­ty!