A Note From Our Turkey Farmer


Taste the dif­fer­ence of a bird raised on fresh air, sun­shine and lots of room to run.” ~ John Peter­son, Fer­n­dale Mar­ket

Why should you choose a turkey raised by Fer­n­dale Mar­ket over any oth­er? That’s a ques­tion that is best answered by John Peter­son, the farmer who rais­es the deli­cious turkeys we offer for Thanks­giv­ing. Here’s what he had to say:

Our sto­ry starts in 1939 when my grand­moth­er, Fern, and my grand­fa­ther, Dale, pur­chased our farm in Can­non Falls, MN. They cer­tain­ly chose a good a spot, as it’s served us well for near­ly 80 years! Our farm has a lot of wood­ed land with beau­ti­ful oak trees that pro­vide shel­ter for our flocks. It’s also got sandy soil which helps keep them dry. We move our flocks onto fresh pas­ture each week, rotat­ing between two 15–20 acre rang­ing pas­tures with good grass cov­er and portable shel­ters, feed­ers and drinkers. 


We’ve real­ly seen, first-hand, how birds ben­e­fit from fresh air, sun­shine and plen­ty of oppor­tu­ni­ty to run around on pas­ture. When raised that way, they stay health­i­er and don’t need to be treat­ed with antibi­otics. Plus it cre­ates real­ly deli­cious fla­vor! We want to pre­serve that pure turkey fla­vor, so we process our turkeys nat­u­ral­ly. That means no added water, sodi­um or bast­ing solu­tion that con­ven­tion­al turkeys con­tain. We’re real­ly proud of the way our turkeys taste, so we don’t need to mask the fla­vor!

I’ve always appre­ci­at­ed that there’s this day set aside for express­ing grat­i­tude. I am so thank­ful that I’ve been able to car­ry on the lega­cy of my grand­par­ents. There’s a lot of pride for our fam­i­ly in remain­ing an inde­pen­dent, fam­i­ly farm that has pre­served the farm­ing prac­tices my grand­fa­ther start­ed with 80 years ago.

I’m moved by think­ing about the num­ber of fam­i­ly tra­di­tions that hap­pen around our turkeys. As farm­ers, we invest a lot of care and effort in rais­ing our flocks and there’s a sat­is­fac­tion in know­ing that our birds are nour­ish­ing fam­i­lies and hol­i­day tra­di­tions.