Gruyere & Cranberry Pull Apart Loaf

By Chef Jere­my Noga of Local Foods Cafe

— 1 boule, unsliced
— 4–6 oz aged swiss cheese or gruyere, cubed or sliced small
— 4 oz but­ter, melt­ed
— 4 oz cran­ber­ry jam
— Chopped herbs, a/n

1. Slice the boule in a 1” grid, not cut­ting com­plete­ly through the bread (think snow­shoe).

2. In between the slices, ran­dom­ly place bits of cheese. In pock­ets with­out cheese, spoon in some of the cran­ber­ry jam. 

3. Pour the but­ter over the entire loaf, mak­ing sure to get into the crevices. 

4. Bake at 400F 10–15 min­utes, or until crispy, gold­en brown and the cheese is melt­ed.

5. Add more jam if you like, and sprin­kle with herbs. Serve warm.