Stock Café: Midwestern plates.

Just past Local Foods' registers, a Michigan farmer & chef
serves you fare celebrating our region.

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Chicken & Dumplings Here & At Home

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Daily Menu

The ingredients Stock uses govern our daily-changing menu.
Here's what we're doing today.


Turkey & Wild Rice

Kale, Pea, & Ricot­ta


Toma­to Soup & Cheesy Toast
Clas­sic cream of toma­to with a spicy, gar­licky kick

Chick­en & Dumplin’s
Chick­en Soup ladled over pan-fried dumplings

Grits with Greens & Sun­nyside Egg
McK­askel grits with roast­ed greens and a farm egg

And Three” Plate
Make a large plate of any three sides

Seasonal Plates

Seared Duck Breast
with grape chut­ney, grits, & green sal­ad


Beef Fat Pota­toes
Smashed pota­toes made crispy
in beef fat

Hearty Greens Sal­ad
Sea­son­al greens, bread crumbs
and light­ly dressed

Seasonal Sides

Grain Bowl
pan-fried spiced white beans with cel­ery & red pep­per pick­les

Split Pea & Pota­to Soup

Roast­ed Beets
with paprika, cre­me fraiche & dill

Shaved Veg­etable Med­ley
with pick­led onion cre­me fraiche

Onion Tart
with Hooks bleu cheese & rose­mary


Chicago Dog
Our Butcher & Larder hot dog dressed in best
condi­ments from around the Mid­west

MightyVine toma­toes, bacon
and sea­son­al greens

Butcher & Larder Roast Beef
with horse­rad­ish cream & greens

Gar­lic White Bean
with toma­to, dijon­aise, & greens

with moz­zarel­la & onions


Served all day Saturday & Sunday

Plates & Bowls

Grits & Greens
add a Sun­nyside Egg or Bacon

Break­fast BLT
MightyVine toma­toes, greens, sun­ny side egg and bacon

with greens and sour cream

Gra­nola & Yogurt Jar
Stock gra­nola lay­ered with Iowa yogurt and jam

Root Hash
with root veg­eta­bles & two sun­nyside eggs


Morning Pastries



Pop Tart
Our riff on the clas­sic

Cin­na­mon Rolls
hand-rolled brioche with
spiced maple fill­ing



Seasonal Brunch Specials

Rash­er Break­fast Sand­wich
served on an Eng­lish muffin