Warehouse Associate
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Job title: Ware­house Asso­ciate

Reports to: Ware­house Man­ag­er

Job purpose:

Asso­ciates are respon­si­ble for accu­rate­ly and quick­ly select­ing and pack­ing prod­ucts to ful­fill our cus­tomers’ orders. Asso­ciate are respon­si­ble for ensur­ing that each prod­uct that is sent out meets Local Foods stan­dards of qual­i­ty. Asso­ciate must main­tain a clean and safe work envi­ron­ment.

Position Summary:

The Ware­house Asso­ciates (WA) is high­ly adapt­able and con­tributes to the suc­cess of the team through effec­tive com­mu­ni­ca­tion. The ide­al can­di­date must be able to work well with oth­ers and thrive in a con­stant­ly chang­ing work envi­ron­ment. The Ware­house Asso­ciate must pos­sess a high atten­tion to detail. In addi­tion the role will receive inbound orders from local farms and assure that prod­uct meets Local
Foods’ qual­i­ty stan­dards. Asso­ciate must be able to per­form gen­er­al ware­house tasks. Addi­tion­al respon­si­bil­i­ties will vary depend­ing on work load for the day.

Ware­house Asso­ciates assist with man­ag­ing inven­to­ry and spoilage by accu­rate­ly tag­ging and rotat­ing prod­uct through fol­low­ing FIFO prac­tice and check­ing the qual­i­ty of prod­uct dai­ly. The ide­al can­di­date will ensure that inven­to­ry is updat­ed accu­rate­ly and com­plet­ed on a time­ly basis dai­ly. Asso­ciates should be ener­getic and self moti­vat­ed. Must be able to lift and car­ry 50–60 lbs, repet­i­tive­ly day to day and com­fort­able with work­ing in tem­per­a­tures between 50 degrees to 0 degrees. This posi­tion also requires stand­ing for the entire shift. Asso­ciates ensure that Local Foods’ stan­dards of a clean and safe ware­house
are met before the work­days’ end.

Job duties:

  • Acts as a leader to ensure that the mis­sion and core val­ues of the com­pa­ny are put into prac­tice.
  • Uses clear, direct and respect­ful com­mu­ni­ca­tion at all times.
  • Main­tain a safe, orga­nized and clean work space. 
  • Must have strong atten­tion to detail with the abil­i­ty to mul­ti-task.
  • Visu­al­ly check­ing prod­uct qual­i­ty and fresh­ness.
  • Iden­ti­fy­ing out of stock items and com­mu­ni­cat­ing that to the Oper­a­tions Man­ag­er and Inside Sales. 
  • Must be high­ly ener­getic with strong phys­i­cal sta­mi­na, achiev­ing pro­duc­tiv­i­ty goals in a very fast-paced envi­ron­ment.
  • Must be will­ing to work in a refrig­er­at­ed envi­ron­ment for extend­ed peri­ods of time.


  • Report griev­ances direct­ly to Ware­house Man­ag­er and main­tain a high lev­el of pro­fes­sion­al­ism
  • Must be able to speak in a respect­ful tone to all co-work­ers


  • Use prop­er form when lift­ing (Lift­ing with legs not with back), will gain this pro­fi­cien­cy through train­ing
  • Use all equip­ment the prop­er way it’s meant to be used as direct­ed by the man­u­fac­tur­er (will gain this pro­fi­cien­cy through train­ing)
  • Under­stand the appli­ca­tion of safe­ty and san­i­ta­tion rules by ServSafe Train­ing stan­dards regard­ing the food, road, team, and space. 
  • Remove all debris on ware­house floor to pre­vent trip­ping haz­ards


  • Main­tain ware­house clean­li­ness and ensure show­room appear­ance
  • Main­tain per­son­al hygiene and keep neat and tidy appear­ance
  • Wear latex gloves when pick­ing orders
  • Wash hands pri­or to return­ing to the ware­house floor

Order Ful­fill­ment, Inven­to­ry Man­age­ment and Receiv­ing:

  • Fill orders for deliv­ery or pick-up 
  • Main­tain the prop­er han­dling and knowl­edge of pro­duce, pro­teins, and dairy to ensure the deliv­ery of the high­est qual­i­ty
  • Assist Receiv­ing and Inven­to­ry as need­ed with [but not lim­it­ed to] eval­u­a­tion, resolv­ing, and main­tain­ing the high­est of qual­i­ty con­trol, report­ing accu­rate cooler/freezer inven­to­ry and main­tain cooler/freezer organization.FIFO prod­uct and remov­ing all spoilage.


  • Pro­fi­cient in Microsoft Office pro­grams.
  • Pro­fi­cient in Gmail, Google Cal­en­dar and Google Dri­ve
  • Be Ener­getic, Fun, Friend­ly, and Cus­tomer Ser­vice ori­ent­ed
  • Be Pos­i­tive and have a great sense of qual­i­ty, urgency, pride in work and account­abil­i­ty for one’s own actions
  • Under­stand how to be a part of a small team envi­ron­ment
  • High­ly punc­tu­al
  • Hus­tle
  • Back­ground in pro­duce knowl­edge
  • Abil­i­ty to deal with chal­lenges of day to day oper­a­tions in a pro­fes­sion­al man­ner

Working conditions:

  • Peri­od­ic week­end work.
  • Expo­sure to cold tem­per­a­tures

Physical requirements:

  • Stand for extend­ed peri­ods of time. 
  • Lift heavy objects, repet­i­tive­ly on a reg­u­lar basis. 
  • Lift heavy odd­ly shaped prod­uct (half and whole ani­mals)
  • Repet­i­tive phys­i­cal tasks.
  • Work­ing in tem­per­a­tures of 50 degrees to 0 degrees 

Please send a Cov­er Let­ter and Resume to jobs@localfoods.com