Sometimes I stand in the curing room and peer through the salami into the store. It is cool and humid and quiet, and the aroma of the meat drying and the mold growing placates me. I watch couples decide how many apples they need as the glass milk bottles in their carts clank and the brown parcels of steaks or sausages balance on top of a jar of pickles. I see a woman blow the steam from a forkful of greens while her husband offers a bite of his pasty.

As excited as we are to talk meat, at The Butcher & Larder, there are great people in our new Local Foods family like Max who lights up at the chance to talk shop when customer asks about the bomber in his hand. Or Abra, our Chef at Stock Café who can take what others might pass over and turn it into delicious, beautiful food—and she’ll tell you how to make it at home. Or Kayla, our weekend cheese monger, whose excitement about everything we sell is infectious. We love seeing old B&L customers talking to Alex about produce or Ethan about pickles, and we really love when they send someone they’ve been working with over to us for a steak or a few slices of prosciutto.

One of our goals at The Butcher & Larder has always been to connect our neighbors to their food. To introduce them to some less familiar parts of the animals we eat and bring home the idea that, if you buy happy animals raised by folks who care about them, there are no lesser quality cuts—only unfamiliar ones, and we are here to familiarize you with them. The serendipity lies in the connection to our customers. We’ve gotten to know so many people over the years and continue to meet wonderful, like-minded folks who really care about good food.

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