Join us March 2 at 5:30 – 7:30 pm at Local Foods for The Butcher & Larder’s first Charcuterie Happy Hour.

Head Butcher Rob Levitt will be butchering an organic, pasture raised Berkshire pig from Triple S Farms and curing some of the cuts, as well as answering questions about different cuts and breeds, meat curing and cooking. Farmer Stan Schutte will be there to answer questions about pigs and his farm.

Charcuterie Boards will be available for purchase and will include:
– Dry-cured items from past Heritage Breed Series pigs
– A Publican Quality baguette
– Assorted house pickles, shaved cauliflower salad with apple, mint, chives, parsley, pickled onion and cider vinaigrette and a grain salad with roasted sweet potatoes and mustard vinaigrette from Stock cafe.

$25 serves 2 generously, 3-5 as a snack. 2 cheese selections will be available to add on, and there will be beer and wine specials as well as a cocktail from Chris Young of El Che Bar.

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