We’re counting the days until Greg Gunthorp from Gunthorp Farms brings one of his hogs to our Pig Roast Tacos and Tiki party on June 24! Not only because we’re eager to sink our teeth into some of the best pork around, but because we want to return the favor of hosting.

Just a short while ago, Greg gave our staff a tour of their amazing farm and processing plant in LaGrange, IN. Take the virtual tour here, but be sure to introduce yourself to Greg at the party to learn more about his mindful farming practices.

A visit to Gunthorp Farms is a real treat! You have to travel far into rural Indiana to get there, passing through a typical Midwestern landscape of endless corn and soy fields. After which, the Gunthorp’s verdant, 140-acre farm teeming with pastured pigs, chickens and turkeys is a welcome change of scenery.

A lot of care has gone into building this scenic farm. Greg is a fourth-generation family farmer. In 1994 he bought his parent’s farm, which had been passed down from his grandfather and great grandfather. He has striven to make the farm as green as possible, constructing artificial wetland that’s capable of reclaiming and cleaning one million gallons of wastewater from his processing plant before returning it to the water table. His mission? To raise his livestock in a way that ensures the highest quality meat while preserving the land.

Greg’s commitment to quality meat means raising his animals on pasture, instead of indoors like a lot of modern farmers. Although the process takes nearly twice as long, he feels keeping the animals free and relaxed is the right thing to do. He uses a variety of cover crops, clover, Kentucky bluegrass and orchard grass to bolster biodiversity. Then he rotates his animals between pastures to maximize their nutritional intake while preserving the land. He never supplements with hormones or genetically modified grains. He planted mulberry trees and built portable huts to provide shade and shelter for his animals.

Greg believes that humane harvesting of his livestock is just as important as raising them right. So, he converted his garage into a slaughterhouse and built his own processing plant. From growing feed and raising animals to butchering and processing meat – everything is done right there on the farm.

It’s no secret that Greg’s sustainable farming practices result in quality meat. Charlie Trotter’s was one of the first restaurants to start offering it on their menu. Now you can find his pork, chicken and turkey at numerous restaurants and markets throughout Chicago and the greater Midwest.

We look forward to celebrating these sorts of farming practices and enjoying this delicious pork with you at our Pig Roast Tacos and Tiki 2 Year Anniversary Party!

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