Find Local Foods locally-sourced produce and meat throughout Chicago!

Looking for Local Foods products in Chicago?

A number of Chicago’s top restaurants, schools, universities, and businesses are within our Wholesale Distribution network – here are a few you can support!

  • Gilt Bar River North Local Foods
  • Ramen San Fulton Market Chicago Local Foods
  • Local Foods Lula Cafe Chicago
  • Fox Trot Market Local Foods Chicago
  • Southport Grocery Lakeview Local Foods
  • Armitage Alehouse Local Foods Chicago

Looking for retail outlets that source Local Foods products?

The independent restaurants highlighted above barely scratch the surface of who we work with – from restaurants to university dining, retail grocery stores to caterers.

If you’re committed to supporting our mission, please ask your favorite restaurant or retail outlet; “Do you purchase products from Local Foods?”

Local Foods Retail Locations Chicago

Or, if you have a question about a specific retail locations, restaurants, or businesses that we supply to, feel free to email us at

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