• Connecting Chicago
    to the best of the Midwest

    We work directly with small local farms and vendors
    to ensure quality, freshness, and building a robust community
    that encourages the best practices and supports our local food systems.

Local Foods sits at the center of a family of interconnected businesses built to increase responsible food processes.

Handcut Foods logo

Sustainable Food Program Management

HandCut Foods specializes in meals for larger institutions with delicious & nutritious menus built with sustainability in mind.

Local Foods logo

Grocery & Distribution

Local Foods helps bring farm-to-table to life by connecting small providers with shoppers all across Chicago.

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Glasshouse Tomatoes

Picked fresh and to the market in hours, not weeks—grown for flavor, not shipping.

Inside our Willow Avenue Store

Local Foods Cafe logo

Farm-to-table café

Local Foods Café feeds the neighborhood with a daily-changing menu of Midwestern plates sourced from our local vendors.

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locally-sourced whole animal meat shop

Custom-cut meat from animals that are responsibly raised on small, Midwestern family farms

Local Foods uses three simple criteria to source products.
Every product’s origin is clearly displayed on the sales
floor so customers can make educated choices.



Products created or grown within 350 miles of Chicago which can be trucked to the city in a single day



Products created from ingredients which don’t grow in our area (like coffee) but are procesed here


Beyond Local

Products from outside our region (like avocados) which are sourced from single suppliers and ethical producers

Local Foods' distribution criteria is even simpler: if a product can be trucked to or from Chicago in a single day, we distribute it. If you produce a product and are looking for a distributor like us, we'd love to talk.