• We make it easy to source local food.

    We provide seamless service to more than 400 foodservice and institutional buyers.

We connect you to your markets.

Local Foods is Chicago's first wholesaler of exclusively-local food,
including a full range of produce, meat, dairy, grains and more
from the Midwest's finest farmers.

With Local Foods, you'll get the best local ingredient available, you’ll know the source of
every product you enjoy, and you'll be strengthening our regional food system keeping keep
more money in the local economy.

Access hundreds of farm-direct products

with one delivery, one invoice.

We forage for you.

If we don’t stock it, we can find it.

Let us build your farmer relationships.

Confidently sell farm-direct products,
and the stories behind them,
from folks who know food and farming.

If it grows in the Midwest, we sell it.

We work with a range of farmers practicing conventional
or organic methods to offer fresh, local food
at price points to meet your needs.
Our meat is custom processed and we offer
value-added products that can be used
in large kitchens to save time and labor.

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