Butcher & Larder is Chicago’s premier whole-animal butcher shop. We source exclusively pasture-raised, non-GMO, hormone and antibiotic-free meats from a range of small midwestern farms. Each week, our butchers break down (at least) a full beef steer, 3 to 4 hogs, and 2 lambs, taking care to utilize every possible bit of the animal – from head to tail.

Not only will you find an unrivaled variety of cuts in our butcher case, but a wide array of house-made sausages, deli meats, charcuterie, a range of ethically sourced poultry, and more.

For more information about our operation, our farms, or inquiries about custom cutting or orders, please feel free to reach out to our Head Butcher jacob@localfoods.com or call (312) 432-6575

Our Farms

La Pryor Farms Beef
Ottawa, IL

Fleckvieh/Black Angus Cross

By crossing these two breeds, we will produce fast growing offspring that offer the most elite meat quality possible. The Fleckvieh, will offer a little more frame size and muscling plus added weaning weight while, the Black Angus will contribute added marbling and carcass traits.

Market cattle are fed a diet consisting of cracked NON-GMO corn (which we grow ourselves), and a mineral & protein pellet which we mix in our grinder. In addition, they are given free choice baled grass and a mineral block. Market cattle are harvested at Freedom Sausage in Earlville, IL at 16-20 months of age. Carcass weights are between 600-800 Lbs hanging weight.

Kilgus Farmstead Lamb
Fairbury, IL

Dorset/Texel Cross

Kilgus Farmstead lambs are raised on non-GMO feed without hormones or antibiotics.

La Pryor Farms Pork
Ottawa, IL


In the spring of 2010, we purchased a rare herd of old line Duroc hogs from a Breeder in La Pryor, Texas. Thus being said, La Pryor Farms fit for a farm name. These Durocs specifically have excellent eating qualities and their marbling is unprecedented.

Here at La Pryor Farms we do not use any antibiotics or hormones in the hog diets and all hogs are fed non-genetically modified corn that we grow and produce ourselves.

Cook’s Venture Chicken
NW Arkansas

Pasture-Raised Heirloom Birds

This is the best chicken on the market because, at Cooks Venture, health and flavor come first for our pasture-raised birds.

Our livestock develops juicier meat that is deeply flavored and more tender than that of conventional chicken. We air-chill our birds, so the skin is crispier when cooked and the meat has a noticeably better texture. In 10 out of 10 blind taste tests, our chicken is preferred over the competition!

-Decades of breeding & husbandry to develop our special heirloom breed
-Unlimited outdoor access on our 800-acre farm in Northwest Arkansas
-Non-GMO Project Verified feed
-No antibiotics ever

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